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A Cheating Start

couple-arm-in-armDoes the circumstances in which something begins  dictate its future outcome? A philosophical question that deserves some further exploration particularly when it comes to relationships. In this case, if a relationship is born out of infidelity, is it bound for failure?

Now one’s first instinct may suggest that of course since infidelity is labeled a selfish and therefore negative action its offspring cannot in turn create a positive. However, those  quick gut judgements may become tempered by the details which led to the ultimate action. What if a person is in a poor unfulfilling relationship, one marred by poor communication, disinterest, substance or physical abuse etc. He/she knows that their current situation is not in their best interest, but at the same time remains locked in by a sense of obligation to the pleasant memories of the past, a fear of the unknown due to a sense of interdependence, the potential judgement/ humiliation of divorce etc.

So in essence this person hangs in a state of limbo stuck between a rock and a hard place , and it that moment freezes. Now lets say that this person meets or is reacquainted with someone that they can confide in, someone that helps he/she summon the courage to eradicate him/herself from an unhealthy, and potentially harmful situation. It just so happens that during the process , a new relationship begins. A relationship which the so-called cheater wasn’t so match seeking out, rather a byproduct of emotional intimacy.

Now of course, it would be more ideal if one relationship ends before another begins. However, in a devils-advocate kind of way what if that person provides the exit the other needed to get out? The relationship was basically if not technically  over. But that brings up another question, if it was cheating in the beginning can you trust your new spouse not to cheat again?

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