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Anonymously Suing Ashley Madison

A few months back, hackers threatened to release private account information if the site refused to shut down. The site balked at the mandate and the massive data which resulted compromised the very “privacy” the infidelity go to site claimed to provide. Now some of those compromised users are attempting to sue the site, while remaining anonymous “to reduce the risk of potentially catastrophic personal and professional consequences that could befall them and their families”.

However,U.S. District Court judge John Ross denied their request. While sexual abuse and rape victims among others are given the protective guise of pseudonyms. A key component appears to be choice. The potential plaintiffs chose tok signup for the site/service. While the website may have made large amounts of data susceptible to hackers, as appears obvious via the data breach,they are not considered on a similar plane as those other victims of crime.


Now, the question remains how will this situation effect the future of cheating via the internet? Will Ashley Madison only take a momentary decline in its’ users? Will people temporarily back way out of the fear of being found out, only to lured back by the temptation of anonymous infidelity? Or will this incident serve as a broad backlash against the website crushing it for good? ¬†Will another similarly platformed service emerge in its wake, promising the highest levels of encrypted security acheiving success above and beyond its’ predecessor.

One thing remains constant, a cheater will always attempt to stay ahead of the game. Were one tool such as this website may momentarily failed, the cheater will look for the next new-age advancement. With that thought in mind, utilizing the tool of a private investigator could help to shift that balance of power. If you think you, or your relationship could benefit from our help, we’re only a phone call away.

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