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The Cheating Spouse Lying Script to Shift Blame

Cheaters are already living a lie. Therefore, if you address your suspicions in the form of an accusation, their natural reaction may be to extend that lie via denial and deflection.

Here are a few common examples of how a cheater is likely to react to your questions about their affair.

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The Truth About Supervised Visitation in NJ

Supervised visitation for a non-custodial parent’s time with their child could be court-ordered for a number of reasons. However, the root cause of supervised visits is to maintain and protect the well being of the child/and or children.

If you feel your ex should only have Supervised Visitation of your child, then it is important to know that the courts will not simply honor your request without having compelling proof justifying such.

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How Fear of the Unknown Consumes Your Attention

Unanswered questions create internal tension.

Let’s say you’re just about to walk out the office door, car keys in hand when your boss asks to see you after lunch. You don’t why, and a flood of possibilities infiltrate your mind.

Did you do something wrong?

Now, you’re cycling through recent actions, replaying co-worker discussions, and going over the checklist of job responsibilities to see if you made a mistake or missed something.

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Does Your Spouse Prefer to Lease or Buy?

A constant consumer problem exists, especially around the holiday season.

Buying new things conjures momentary happiness, and companies feed on that feeling by further enticing gift searchers with the bait of a sale.

Not only is the product that you want attractively packaged, but it is also now at a lower price than you ever imagined. It’s almost like the cosmos are lining up just so that you can purchase that thing you never knew existed – now you can’t live without it.

The special offer taps into our perpetual fear of missing out. Buy it now, or live with regret forever, or at least that’s how they sell it.

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Discovering Your Ex Spouse’s Partner Does Drugs

It is said that the moment you become a parent, your idea of life changes. This concept is often applied to describe a shift toward maturity and away from selfish endeavors.

For example, your college buddy, who used to hit happy hour hard on Thursday afternoon and then stumble into class half asleep on Friday morning, now shies away from going to the bar at all.

“I’ve got some odds and ends to take care of around the house,” he says before giving you a soft “maybe,” which from experience, you translate to a polite “no.”

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5 Tips When Hiring a Private Investigator

As the owner of a 15+ year old investigation agency, these are my 5 best tips for someone considering video surveillance.

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