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Why You Should Always Bring An Umbrella

A tenet often held to be the truth is hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. It may be sunny, but it can’t hurt to have an umbrella nearby just in case.

Contingency plans pay for themselves in most cases. Envisioning potential scenarios and subsequently planning for them can save time, money, and anguish.

However, this type of strategy comes with a negative connotation when applied to the scope of an intimate relationship.

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How Business Focus Leads to Relationship Problems

The majority of individuals entering into the commitment of marriage don’t bring an exit plan. Instead, you probably envision a hypothetical itinerary or strategy that includes career advancement, goals, having children, home-ownership, and meaningful joint decisions.

Ideally, the path you imagine will remain in sync with the life you’re living. So you work as hard as you can to continually progress in your desired profession, gaining confidence and experience along the way.

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Refreshing Life: With or Without You

We’re returning or re-acclimating to the routine of life as it somewhat appeared before the pandemic. That correlates to reentering the office instead of working remotely, returning to the gym, and going out to restaurants or bars.

In the big picture, the choices increase by the day. While it may seem that we’re trading the comforts of leisurewear for the professionalism of business attire, there are also the benefits of creating or distinguishing the boundaries between one’s work environment and their home life. After the extended pause of the pandemic, some may see this as a refreshing restart/reset point.

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When “Normal” Doesn’t Feel Right

Things appear to be returning to a level of normalcy. As a result, with the restrictions lifted throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, people will return to the office, to bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc. Professional and personal travel will increase. We’ll return to places that we’ve missed and venture to those we’ve never been. We’ll spend time with those we primarily communicated with via screens and meet others we couldn’t have imagined.

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When the Honeymoon is Over

It shouldn’t be surprising that the honeymoon phase applies or extends to extramarital affairs. At first, the thrill and anticipation of participating in a new, and in some ways forbidden, relationship is often invigorating.

However, over time these interactions often lose the steam of spontaneity, becoming the victim of routine.

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5 Tips When Hiring a Private Investigator

As the owner of a 15+ year old investigation agency, these are my 5 best tips for someone considering video surveillance.

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