What if You’re Blindsided by Evidence of Cheating?

Finding out your spouse is having an affair after the suspicion or catching them cheating red-handed is a nightmare scenario.

However, what may be worse is unexpectedly being contacted and told by a third party that your spouse is committing adultery. That’s what happened to a woman from Ireland in a confession that went viral on Reddit.

How would you handle that life-altering information, especially if your spouse didn’t know that you know?

We often naively pretend that infidelity isn’t possible in a serious relationship. Our spouse loves and cares for us so undeniably that cheating isn’t even a consideration.

That faith in fidelity is powerful, especially if cheating isn’t a part of one’s relationship history.

Cheating is often portrayed as a byproduct or symptom of underlying relationship problems. For example, financial issues can create stress and tension, which spills over, affecting:

  • Communication
  • Expendable income (Date nights, vacations, etc.)
  • Physical intimacy (or the desire for physical intimacy)

Without the baggage of a relationship’s history (littered with a complex backstory of successes and failures, dreams and disappointments), a fresh start in the form of a short affair or one-night stand could be a welcome reprieve or clean slate.

You may look for an explanation if your relationship is in a rut or your spouse is acting erratically or uncharacteristically.

One possible explanation is infidelity, as hard as it is to accept.

Your emotional response may suggest that immediate confrontation or snooping is the right approach. But as our experience has shown, cheaters always lie.

Hiring a professional infidelity investigator is the best way to find the truth without getting caught.

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