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Business Affairs

surveillance-cheating-coupleTraveling to visit clients, attend conventions, trade shows etc. may be a necessary element of your spouse’s career. However, while business trips may be seen as part of the lifestyle associated with a prospering professional life, it can be also become a clever ruse to disguise infidelity. Lets see how some of the factors which characterize a business trip play perfectly into the hands of a cheater.

  • Infrequent contact and built-in excuses: while at work especially when in a different time-zone one’s spouse can easily miss one’s call due to meetings dinners etc. The time difference can further perpetuate an easy manner to escape the clutches of the technological grid. Additionally, since the activities fall under the umbrella of work activity a suspicious spouse could face ridicule foe questioning the others whereabouts.
  • Do you know whom your spouse travels with? Is he/she part of a larger group that moves as a team or are they alone. Could your spouse be having a convenient affair with a co-worker, letting their collective guard down when cheating from a long distance?
  • Maybe parts of their business affair are legitimate but they’re embellished to create periods of time for embarking on a “single” life. An example could be a trip that becomes extended due to flight cancellations or snags in negotiations.
  • Does your spouse travel so much that it has become routine? If this is the case, he/she could occasionally create opportunistic cheating trip under the safe guise of work. Unless you know his/her co-workers on a personal level, how would you ever knows the difference?

If any of the activity or behavior described above resonates on a personal level, you may suspect that your spouse may be using work as a means to be unfaithful. Hiring a cheating spouse private investigator could be the next step in resolving your concerns.

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