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How to Catch a Cheater Online

Web BrowsersIf you think that your spouse could be cheating, and you have access to their PC or Macbook, here are a few places to look and what you should/could look for.

  • Browser History – This may seem obvious, but if your spouse/partner doesn’t clear their computer history, you can check where he/she has been in the last couple days. Take note of any suspicious destinations including dating sites or profiles on Facebook. Have reservations been made at restaurants or hotels that the two of you have never visited? A completely clear history, on the other hand could be an indication that he/she is trying to cover their tracks.
  • Passwords/Logins – If you are rather open with your spouse in regards to passwords and login information, an abrupt and uninformed change to email/social media info may be a tipoff that he/she is attempting to hide something from you. Conversely, even if your spouse doesn’t share their login, their laziness may come back to haunt him/her. Web browsers often offer the “remember login” feature as a means of convenience. If your spouse uses this feature, take advantage and gain access. Check their social media account to see if he/she communicates with potential suitors through private messages or is setting up a rendezvous offline.
  • Bills & Statements – In reviewing joint Bank statements and joint phone records can provide excellent information about a potential cheater. If your spouse went out to dinner, reserved a hotel, or bought merchandise from a store (presumably a gift) without your knowledge, this money trail could lead back to infidelity. A cheater may also withdraw significant funds in order to limit their paper trail. Be wary of unaccounted funds. Phone bills are another way of linking a cheater to a mistress; however you certainly do not want to violate any laws in doing so therefore become familiar with the Telephone Privacy Act of 2007 and/or consult with an attorney before doing anything. However if you both are on the same account and the phone bill or log arrives to your house then reviewing the data might reveal unknown and/or questionable numbers, or long telephone calls at odd hours that are unlikely to be business related.
  • Social MediaSome cheaters are plain ignorant when it comes to technology, and they allow their communication with others to appear on their “status feed”, broadcasting their intentions to everyone who can view their profile. Another method used by tech-savvy snoopers is to attempt to lure your spouse with a fake identity online, seeing how he/she reacts to the advances of a hypothetical stranger. However, this can be tricky territory because you could be caught in the act, especially if you share a computer. Not to mention that this act is a deception in and of itself, which places you in a dangerous grey area between the deceived and deceiver?

If you have a responsible and unsettling suspicion, it’s your best interest to enlist the services of a professional who has experience in gathering concrete evidence. Private investigators will obtain the truth using tried and true methods, including the use of video surveillance. And unlike an amateur, they can work under the veil of invisibility.

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