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Catch the Warning Signs of Infidelity Before Your Relationship Breaks Down

The concept of infidelity, when viewed through the lens of a happy, healthy relationship, is considered to be a worst-case doomsday scenario.

When everything is going well, no one expects their spouse desiring someone else, because as the saying goes, “we’re all we got, we’re all we need.”

However, history suggests that the honeymoon phase of most relationships fades and much like a new vehicle, relationships experience some wear and tear. Much like your car, you need to make a conscientious effort to maintain and take care of your relationship,

That means consistently checking in and gauging how everything is going both in and out of your collective lives. Those open lines of communication and attentiveness are pivotal if and when an issue pops up.

Small Issues Compound

Think of it as a check engine light; if you immediately address the problem and make an effort to get it repaired, there is a significantly better chance that it will only be a temporary concern.

However, if you choose to disregard the warning signs in the hope that one day, the red light will magically go away, it could compound and increase its severity.

A domino effect may occur. The primary issue is a simple one: time management as your work, school, and parenting responsibilities leave less than the desired amount of alone time together as a couple.

Make Each Other a Priority

A hectic schedule can be remedied with dates, ensuring you text or call each other on a more frequent basis, and maybe a long weekend that serves as a mini-vacation to reconnect.

Airing out your concerns regularly so that you both feel heard and on the same page might even do the trick.

If You Don’t, They’ll Go Outside the Relationship

One thing is for sure, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. Turning a blind eye may send a signal that you don’t care. As your spouse picks that up, rather than turning to you, they will begin to look elsewhere for physical and emotional support.

When you envision infidelity, you often think of it as a carnal pursuit. However, it may just be a result of missing the signs or catching them when the relationship is beyond repair.

If you think that your spouse is showing signs that they’ve gone astray, don’t go at it alone. It’s best to plan your next move with a professional who knows not only where to look, but also what to look for when cheaters attempt to hide an affair.

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