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Catch Your Traveling Spouse

Traveling Cheating SpouseAs a specialist company, we get a lot of requests from people outside the state when their spouse is in New Jersey. Traveling, whether for work or pleasure, often allows a cheater to relax in which time they may be more blatant regarding their mischievous behavior and less likely to cover their tracks.

This situation is ideal for an investigator, because the subject could be naive and openly reveal more vital information. Furthermore, a mixture of daring behavior and stupidity could be the perfect recipe to catch him/her red-handed.

Business Trip Surveillance

Business trips offer a variety of options for an advantageous cheater; especially since he/she can argue the necessity of the trip. Often, these trips are a guise used to sneak away and cheat. However, the trip could be legitimate and still used as a cheating backdrop.

Your spouse could be having an affair with a coworker and use the distance of travel as a means to explore the possibilities or be less cautious about the relationship.  Not to mention their employer will foot the bill as they take a paid vacation, so they will spend time out on the town.

If it’s not a coworker, a cheater may also look for the adventure of a one-night stand during this time.

Vacation Travel Surveillance

Vacations offer another opportunity to venture outside the confines of monogamy. Whether it is an event such as a wedding, family reunion, bachelor/bachelorette party, or simply a family or friend visit, these trips represent the ideal conditions for cheating. On the flip side, your spouse may be enticing you to take a vacation that you’ve been putting off, or even generously send you and your friends for a night out – all with the real purpose of freeing themselves up for a night with their lover.

The Full Lie

While it may be in your nature to trust your spouse, we’ve seen many times where a business or personal trip is completely fabricated.  Instead, they’ve setup a getaway exclusive for cheating with the cover that they are in business meetings or out with extended family. Trips like this offer an opportunity to lead a different life and let their guard down, which again is the ideal environment to catch them.

If you believe that your spouse may be using the false pretense of a “trip” to free themselves of your watchful eye, you need to call a private investigator immediately. This could be your one golden opportunity to catch them when they least expect it.

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