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Financial Understanding

money-blurredWhen a couple enters into marriage, one of the frequent discussions and/or subesquent  understandings they may come to focuses on financial responsability and how that relates to professional aspirations, how income will be allocated etc.  Part of these sticky but ultimately fundamental debates may center around career goals (earning potential) versus  the educational cost in dollars and time required to reach that point.

Digging deeper, you may discuss the types of things one does or doesn’t prescribe value to. As an example, you may prefer to spend money on things that offer convenience and comfort in your daily life over temporary luxuries. In other words, you would rather dish out extra cash on items such as clothing, furniture, vehicles, appliances, groceries than spend on going to events, dining out, or going on extravagant vacations. Conversely some may prefer the value of said experiences and thus be willing to limit spending in the daily in order to save and splurge on special occasions such as vacations etc.

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Flipping the Script on Alimony

Alimony PosterThe standards for alimony or spousal support are continuously in flux. The income equation for couples and families has shifted drastically over the last forty to fifty years and the state existence of alimony has changed with it. Traditional  one-income male-dominated households  seem like an item for the history books rather than a model for modern life.

In today’s world, multiple income households and couples who are supporting a household and financially depend on each other in

splitting costs and paying bills. As a result, traditional gender roles don’t appear to apply in a manner in which they once did. The man doesn’t have to be the one who ventures to the office or work site, while the wife maintains the home front. In fact, the traditional norms appear to have mutated resulting in a dual partnership where both individuals are wage earners.

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Financial Independence: A Must In Relationships

couple-holding-handsFinances create friction. Financial limitations causes resentment often resulting in you constructing emotional walls which in turn play deciding factors in how we live our lives. Tradition may suggest that one of the byproducts of a marital union is the merging of finances, After all, the idea is that spouses are equals whom willing share things and responsibilities, so why not embrace money situations from a united front?

While you share a residence and living expenses, having separate bank accounts maintains a level of individuality that remains important. You can each contribute in splitting the bills. Dividing costs maintains a common ground and personal sense of identity and value rather than orchestrating a messy power struggle in which one person takes the reigns.

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Proving Cohabitation for Alimony Cases

Alimony PosterDo you believe that your ex-spouse is taking advantage of the law by receiving alimony while maintaining a new live-in (cohabiting) boyfriend or girlfriend? When this occurs, you can become frustrated and dissatisfied with the situation, especially its financial implications.

Below we will discuss the necessary steps that could help remedy the situation and which factors indicate the existence of cohabitation.

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4 Crucial Facts About Updated NJ Alimony Law

reduced-alimony-nj-lawNew Jersey recently passed a bill (A845) which updates/modifies alimony regulations, and while some believe the new law doesn’t make all the changes necessary, it is seen as a step in the right direction.

Let’s address some of the basic points:

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