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Are Relationships Which Begin As Affairs Bound to Fail?

What’s the long-term outlook for a relationship that begins as an affair? Does a deceitful dawn ultimately lead to an unsuccessful union?

There are no universal answers. However, there are commonalities which serve as building and roadblocks within a relationship.

Much depends on the root cause of the affair.

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Catch the Warning Signs of Infidelity Before Your Relationship Breaks Down

The concept of infidelity, when viewed through the lens of a happy, healthy relationship, is considered to be a worst-case doomsday scenario.

When everything is going well, no one expects their spouse desiring someone else, because as the saying goes, “we’re all we got, we’re all we need.”

However, history suggests that the honeymoon phase of most relationships fades and much like a new vehicle, relationships experience some wear and tear. Much like your car, you need to make a conscientious effort to maintain and take care of your relationship,

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Drawing the Lines on Infidelity in Your Relationship

Cheating Husband Video Surveillance

When considering what constitutes or fits the definition of infidelity, one may naturally think of the ultimate physical action of sleeping with other people.

However, while that is the time-worn scenario, individuals often determine their definition.

Without a universal line, especially in the age of instant communication and gratification, it could be essential to sit down with your spouse or prospective partner and discuss the rules of your relationship.

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Shifting The Expectations Of Marriage For Modern Times

The root causes for marriage have changed as society evolves. Traditionally marriage was a vehicle for stability and security. Couples joined forces to create a family and have children. The accustomed or standard roles of contribution for that unit would be that the man would provide the financial income necessary to live and maintain a home, food, clothing, etc. The woman would keep that home (cook, clean, grocery shop, take care of the children, and more).

While love was not necessarily absent from these circumstances, it wasn’t always the primary motivation either.

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Is Your Spouse Hiding Money from You?

Some hidden or undisclosed behavior may draw a red flag when it comes to one’s spouse and the prospect of infidelity.

Maybe they checkout from a communication perspective, ignoring or drifting off into their own world when you’re attempting to have a meaningful conversation.

In a similar vein, your spouse can also become difficult to reach when they’re away from home on a business trip.

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