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The Wrong Path To Reinvention

child_custody_investigationsReinventing yourself after a breakup or divorce can be an awakening experience, one which allows an individual to re-wire their activities and mindset to (in large part) start over. Maybe there was certain things that you were interested in that your ex prevented you from exploring; now without the weight of judgement, you feel free to reach out into the unknown parts of the world and see what it has to offer,

These periods of exploration carry an optimistic approach, one that feels open to possibilities. However, what if these desires to test the waters prove hazardous. Often when we discuss or suggest the concept of personal exploration, we mean investing time and energy meaningfully into yourself. But what if your responsibilities go beyond just you and onto others, i.e. if children are involved?

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Marriages are a Lot of Work


Marriage is a lot of Work

A marriage is always changing an evolving and its so important to stay well connected to each other. Its easy to become distracted or preoccupied but in doing so it begins to develop cracks in the relationship. You need to listen to your spouse and also listen to what he or she might not be saying. Pay attention to the moods and vibes of the relationship. As soon as you feel things aren’t right then it is essential to begin talking to each other without any distractions. If things still do not improve then it is critical that you both attend marriage counseling.

Its much easier putting the time and energy and cost into each other in an effort to salvage your marriage than it is going through a divorce and starting all over with someone else only to realize that they will have a whole set of other problems and downfalls that your spouse did not. The grass is not greener on the other side. Sure someone else might have that 15% that your spouse does not have however that new individual will be missing a lot of good qualities your spouse had.

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How a Private Investigator Can Aid In Child Custody

child-custody-scribbleIt can be assumed that a couple’s dynamic is altered once they become parents. Lifestyle choices choices can dramatically shift when one becomes the caretaker, teacher, role model etc of another individual. Thus, while divorce hits a couple hard, it remains of the the utmost importance that the well being of one’s children remain a top priority. While a divorce may create a fundamental separation from one’s former spouse, the link created through parenthood persists. Ideally despite one’s personal differences a couple can communicate and work together amicably to develop a sustainable nurturing enviornment for their children.

However, what if one believes that the contrary exists. That your ex doesn’t or can’t provide a positive, safe and stable environment? Are you concerned at what could happen while your child spends time with your former spouse because of the former’s erratic or illegal behavior? If this is the case you almost certainly can not until your children are back under your supervision. So what can you do to improve the situation with the aim of keeping the children out of harm’s way. Read More→

Does Infidelity Affect a Divorce Case?

child_custody_investigationsAs often is the case, the simple answer is that the answer is almost never simple. Adultery can serve as main cause for divorce; however, how does it impact a case? A splitting couple is likely to exhibit strong emotions. If infidelity is one of the main reasons that a couple is calling it quits, the cheater may wish to make some type of amends when it comes to negotiating the dividing of assets. Likewise, the victim hurt by the betrayal may seek moral victory by requesting more. While infidelity is a crime against one’s spouse it’s frowned upon and not considered out and out illegal in most circumstances.

However, there’s always a but or what if. In this case, infidelity may have financial consequences if a cheater is found to have used common funds to financially assist a mistress, thereby using your money on someone else. Or if you want to breach the physical topic, if a cheating spouse contracts some type of STD and passes it onto an unknowing spouse he/she may be subject to legal action. Read More→

Are Your Priorities Where They Should Be? Who’s More Important, Your Spouse or Your Children?

Having a child or children is a landmark event for any couple. It represents another wrinkle within the series of steps representing  long-term commitment.  Quite obviously, the drastic changes parenting style can shift the dynamics of both an individual and a couple. All of a sudden, or at least within the snapshot time frame of 9-months, everything, which up until that point, revolved around “I” or “us” and once children enter the equation everything is the centered around the children.

Once children come into the relationship, some parents find it natural to sacrifice their own personal interests for the betterment of the children and what the child’s needs are. Clearly, children rely on their parents for the safety and security in creating a stable & nurturing environment. In fact, recognizing and adapting one’s priorities for the betterment of one’s child, rather than placing the onus on yourself, is not only necessary its a tell-tale sign of maturation.

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