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How Credible is Your Private Investigator

Not all private investigators are created equal, so it’s important when searching for an investigator that one does their homework. Experience and credibility are a pair of critical credentials that should be at the top of your must have list.

Because of this, you have to wonder why some investigators wouldn’t disclose their name, or the owner’s name on their website. Frankly, if this is the case, you must find this information out and research that individual, particularly if you want to use the evidence obtained by the investigator in court.

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Is Your Ex’s New Boyfriend or Girlfriend Good for Your Child?

Child-Custody-300x200Although our NJ private investigator services will help prove if your ex’s new boyfriend/girlfriend is unfit to raise your child, we’ve put together a few tips and techniques that you can perform on your very own.

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Child Custody Cases: Remember Your Documentation

private-investigator-New-Jersey-300x213In order to win a child custody trial, you have to provide solid documentation of one’s parental capabilities and fitness. Details such as parenting skills, daily interactions between parent and child, participation in school and medical appointments, availability, past conduct, and more will be under close examination during a child custody case. Keeping a detailed record of such things will most definitely help in your preparation for the case. You may be wondering when you should start documentation. Well, we have a few things to look out for before you make that decision.

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Helping Your Child Cope with Divorce

private-investigator-New-Jersey-300x276In our last post we discussed keeping proper documentation in the midst of a child custody case. While it is great to practice administrative responsibility, divorces of course carry a lot of emotional weight. Divorces, for children in particular, can be quite distressing and confusing. Regardless of age, children will experience uncertainty and anger–but fortunately as a parent you can help alleviate that stress by keeping some things in mind. Here are some tips from experienced NJ private investigators:

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What To Tell Your Child in the Middle of Divorce

private-investigator-New-Jersey-300x199Many parents struggle with how to tell their children about a divorce. This is not a conversation to take lightly, and as a parent you should take time to prepare. Keep in mind that your children will most likely ask you some difficult questions and will look to you for a sense of how to react. As private investigators in NJ, we have some insight on the matter.

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