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Not So Social Media

Social media has drastically changed the mechanisms and manner in which individuals communicate. Furthermore, it has shifted our ideas of community.

Now, on one hand, the internet allows us the ability to interact with others instantly despite being physically separated over vast distances. However, the argument has and continues to be made that social media has caused a lapse in actual socializing, one in which individuals substitute virtual screen interaction (via smartphone, computer etc) for time that had previously been spent outside the friendly confines of one’s home with friends and family.

In essence, why should you or I take the time and money to make plans with each other to meet for a meal or activity, when we can maintain a connection online?

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Take Down Your Information From Social Media

google-searchSometimes it feels like social media has created a mystifying alternate dimension. Individuals often let their guard down under the false protection of a computer of cell phone screen, but that false sense of security may lead to a person unraveling on any number of fronts. The simple reality is that revealing too much , similar to not protecting oneself from the dangers of the sun’s rays, can leave you exposed and vulnerable to long-term damage. Those whom act boldly in the short-term may garner attention, but in the end, they’re chances of getting burn’t skyrocket.

We’ve been warned that potential employers comb the internet in search of potential prospects red flags. Those pictures that you wish were never taken not only exist, but they reach beyond ones close circle. That time you were over-served, now isn’t simply a silly memory recalled as a moment of embarrassment for those who were there. It’s a video that spread like wildfire. Those foolish ill-informed comments you made, well everyone with access to your feed/timeline saw it and although you realize your mistake, much like the newspaper was in its heyday if someone sees it (and we’re not talking about one we’re regarding many) if its on the screen it’s in the real world for better and often for worse.

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Cheating Spouse Advice

Cheating Husband with Mistress at BarBelow are some of our best tips to handle your situation when you find out that your spouse may be having an affair.  To find out more about each bit of advice, click through to read the full articles.

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Facebook Stalking & Jealousy

Facebook Cheating and JealousySocial media has opened new lines of communication with a large net of individuals, all sharing their personal information on a routine basis. The filter of the internet, particularly Facebook, has blurred the lines of privacy and makes anyone an easy target for “online creeping/stalking”.

With this in mind a study at the University of Toronto Mississauga was conducted in the hopes of illuminating the effect that the social media age has on a relationship.

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Tape Recording Conversations in NJ & PA

voice-recorderPotential clients frequently inquire regarding the possible/potential use of wiretapping or recording conversations as a means of information and evidence collecting. In response, hopefully the information found below will help to clarify and explain the legal limits of such actions.

New Jersey wiretapping law falls in the One-Party Consent realm. This basically means that as long as one individual involved in a conversation (regardless of how many others are involved) provides consent to surreptitiously tape record that conversation/phone call, it is legally admissible as evidence.  Thus, if a client consents, any conversation he/she has can be recorded and used as evidence.  In other words, if you are a party to a conversation, whether there is one other party or a dozen other people, you can legally record the conversation. An experienced private investigator in NJ will take advantage of this legal loophole.

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