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Tape Recording Conversations in NJ & PA

voice-recorderPotential clients frequently inquire regarding the possible/potential use of wiretapping or recording conversations as a means of information and evidence collecting. In response, hopefully the information found below will help to clarify and explain the legal limits of such actions.

New Jersey wiretapping law falls in the One-Party Consent realm. This basically means that as long as one individual involved in a conversation (regardless of how many others are involved) provides consent to surreptitiously tape record that conversation/phone call, it is legally admissible as evidence.  Thus, if a client consents, any conversation he/she has can be recorded and used as evidence.  In other words, if you are a party to a conversation, whether there is one other party or a dozen other people, you can legally record the conversation. An experienced private investigator in NJ will take advantage of this legal loophole.

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Use Google Like A Private Investigator

google-searchThe internet contains more information than you can probably fathom. While much of that information can be useful given a particular need, knowing how to be selective within your search parameters will help you find what you’re looking for in a timely and efficient manner. This efficiency will eliminate wasted time spent sifting through unwanted websites and get you to the core of one’s interest. In essence, you are turning that ocean of data into a much smaller, more manageable pool.

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How to Catch a Cheater Online

Web BrowsersIf you think that your spouse could be cheating, and you have access to their PC or Macbook, here are a few places to look and what you should/could look for.

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Infidelity and Cheating Apps

Snapchat - Cheating AppAdvances in technology are creating new tools for infidelity. These apps can be used to hide the truth or help a wary spouse keep an eye on their loved one.

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Are Telephone Records Used During Investigations

Telephone and Cell Phone Records for Infidelity InvestigationsBased on the fictional portrayals of private investigators found in cinema, one could easily misinterpret what type of information is accessible to investigators. One of the common misconceptions is that an investigator can easily gain access to telephone or cell phone records.

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