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Infidelity and Cheating Apps

Snapchat - Cheating AppAdvances in technology are creating new tools for infidelity. These apps can be used to hide the truth or help a wary spouse keep an eye on their loved one.

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Are Telephone Records Used During Investigations

Telephone and Cell Phone Records for Infidelity InvestigationsBased on the fictional portrayals of private investigators found in cinema, one could easily misinterpret what type of information is accessible to investigators. One of the common misconceptions is that an investigator can easily gain access to telephone or cell phone records.

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Reddit AMA – Ask Me Anything

Hello Reddit users, I will be answering your questions from 3PM – 3:45 PM

Ask me anything!

–¬†Christopher Halscheid, Owner of Magnum Investigations, LLC

Facebook Cheating Is Growing in Popularity

Facebook-Cheating-300x176Before the advent of Facebook,  it would have taken a lot of detective work to find an old crush or fling of yours from high school. You would have simply given up on getting in touch with your old boyfriends or girlfriends. Today, however, you have a large directory of relationships at your fingertips which you can use to contact old exes, send private messages, and browse pictures. The best part is that you can do this all from the privacy of your own home, without your husband or wife ever knowing.

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How Does Technology Influence Divorce

Society as a whole is becoming increasingly dependent on the use of technology. The integration of cell phones and the internet is prevalent in our daily endeavors; so much so in fact, that we take the use of these tools as second-nature.

While the accessibility and connectivity are largely considered positive steps, there can be a negative aspect as well. Namely that these advances can cause rifts in marital relationships and be used to gather evidence in divorce cases.

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