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Getting Back On Course Post Divorce

infidelity-scribble-1As individuals we are constantly adapting and evolving to our current circumstances. However, we tend to place of emphasis on making changes when major events place us out on a cliff. These changes can be dictated by gains or losses in our private or personal lives. So, while infidelity and subsequent potential divorce can come as a dramatic shock to the system, once the initial physical pain subsides, an opportunity for personal growth and reinvention may present itself.

In the beginning, an individual that has been victimized by infidelity may feel damaged or unable to develop the trust component necessary to create a new relationship. That sense of self assurance and security can be built a new over time. In the interim,  an individual can shift the onus back onto him/herself.

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Infidelity May be About Your Spouse, But It Effects Your Children

child-holding-legRelationships often start off simple, based on physical attraction, as time goes by the dimensions and/or depth of that interaction augments and increases. Injecting children into that equation dramatically shifts the established nature of that relationship. As a result, it makes sense that a landmark event, such as infidelity, will not  simply impact a couple but also the child or children that sit  on the sidelines as innocent bystanders.

Of course the ideal relationship avoids infidelity and therefore bypasses the hazards that it presents. However, reality is often not a fairy tale, So, how should we address adultery when dealing with our children. Should we present a brave face hoping to maintain the ideal of their parents’ relationship as a means of enlisting optimism in a safeguarding manner. Should we be brutally honest, presenting the facts exposing them to reality in a manner that might change their opinion of their mother or father in a negative light? Read More→

Affair Aftermath

couple-fightingFlying in the wake of infidelity, a couple that decides to attempt mend the burned bridges of their relationship faces a daunting task The obvious or glaring issue is the betrayal of trust associated with cheating. While the onus may be placed on the physical intimate actions,the depths of cheating range deeper.

A couple that hopes to overcome the large obstacle which infidelity creates, needs to fully understand the causes and impact of those actions. What were the underlying problems which caused the cheater to cheat? Was there as often is the case a breakdown in communication? While the vast majority of blame will ultimately be placed on the back of a cheater, what role did the actions of the latter spouse play in this unfortunate situation?

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Does Infidelity Affect a Divorce Case?

child_custody_investigationsAs often is the case, the simple answer is that the answer is almost never simple. Adultery can serve as main cause for divorce; however, how does it impact a case? A splitting couple is likely to exhibit strong emotions. If infidelity is one of the main reasons that a couple is calling it quits, the cheater may wish to make some type of amends when it comes to negotiating the dividing of assets. Likewise, the victim hurt by the betrayal may seek moral victory by requesting more. While infidelity is a crime against one’s spouse it’s frowned upon and not considered out and out illegal in most circumstances.

However, there’s always a but or what if. In this case, infidelity may have financial consequences if a cheater is found to have used common funds to financially assist a mistress, thereby using your money on someone else. Or if you want to breach the physical topic, if a cheating spouse contracts some type of STD and passes it onto an unknowing spouse he/she may be subject to legal action. Read More→

Suspicious Spousal Behavior

Telephone and Cell Phone Records for Infidelity InvestigationsSomething seems different about your spouse, body language, eye contact, etc. While you can’t pinpoint the  changes, the overall feeling has changed. Now, you’re worried what these subtle cues could mean. Is he /she cheating on you?

Before making a rash accusation, one which if false could trigger the opening of a can of worms you would rather keep closed, take a moment to consider the facts. Has your spouse’s habits changed? Has he/ she been working odd or extensive hours? Does this work schedule contribute to a lack of communication? Do you avoid asking questions which could resolve these concerns because you think they could spur an argument? Or if you ask for more information are your inquiries quickly deflected by a change of subject.

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