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Does Infidelity Affect a Divorce Case?

child_custody_investigationsAs often is the case, the simple answer is that the answer is almost never simple. Adultery can serve as main cause for divorce; however, how does it impact a case? A splitting couple is likely to exhibit strong emotions. If infidelity is one of the main reasons that a couple is calling it quits, the cheater may wish to make some type of amends when it comes to negotiating the dividing of assets. Likewise, the victim hurt by the betrayal may seek moral victory by requesting more. While infidelity is a crime against one’s spouse it’s frowned upon and not considered out and out illegal in most circumstances.

However, there’s always a but or what if. In this case, infidelity may have financial consequences if a cheater is found to have used common funds to financially assist a mistress, thereby using your money on someone else. Or if you want to breach the physical topic, if a cheating spouse contracts some type of STD and passes it onto an unknowing spouse he/she may be subject to legal action. Read More→

Suspicious Spousal Behavior

Telephone and Cell Phone Records for Infidelity InvestigationsSomething seems different about your spouse, body language, eye contact, etc. While you can’t pinpoint the  changes, the overall feeling has changed. Now, you’re worried what these subtle cues could mean. Is he /she cheating on you?

Before making a rash accusation, one which if false could trigger the opening of a can of worms you would rather keep closed, take a moment to consider the facts. Has your spouse’s habits changed? Has he/ she been working odd or extensive hours? Does this work schedule contribute to a lack of communication? Do you avoid asking questions which could resolve these concerns because you think they could spur an argument? Or if you ask for more information are your inquiries quickly deflected by a change of subject.

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You Could Be Pushing Your Spouse Away

married-couple-dancingThe circumstances surrounding a relationship are constantly in flux. Changes in schedule, employment, living space, health etc. will undoubtedly require individuals to adjust and shift their expectations within a relationship. One of the numerous significant alterations in a couple’s life is the addition of a child.

Anticipation over a new-coming child is both a period of joy and stress. Couples may be accustomed to splitting household duties in an equal fashion However, despite a stated desire to share their new parenting responsibilities, couple often fall into traditional gender roles.  The crush of exhaustion caused by sporadic and diminished sleep levels can cause new parents to become irritable and sometimes resentful.

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Are Your Priorities Where They Should Be? Who’s More Important, Your Spouse or Your Children?

Having a child or children is a landmark event for any couple. It represents another wrinkle within the series of steps representing  long-term commitment.  Quite obviously, the drastic changes parenting style can shift the dynamics of both an individual and a couple. All of a sudden, or at least within the snapshot time frame of 9-months, everything, which up until that point, revolved around “I” or “us” and once children enter the equation everything is the centered around the children.

Once children come into the relationship, some parents find it natural to sacrifice their own personal interests for the betterment of the children and what the child’s needs are. Clearly, children rely on their parents for the safety and security in creating a stable & nurturing environment. In fact, recognizing and adapting one’s priorities for the betterment of one’s child, rather than placing the onus on yourself, is not only necessary its a tell-tale sign of maturation.

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Shady Business: Trips

biz-trip-surveillance-planeWork can provide the perfect excuse for spending time away from the confines of a household especially for a cheater. While the expectations for knowing a spouses’ comings and goings will undoubtedly vary depending on the makeup of a couple;.  Work is a subject that can leave little up for debate; complying to the set of responsibilities that a boss/superior assigns is often non debatable.

Since finances play such an integral role in our daily lives and are often the subject which creates friction within a relationship, maintaining employment is a crucial practice especially for couples. Therefore, spending extra time in the office, or going on business trips is a necessary reality which provides a convenient range of excuses.  Cheaters can easily disguise an affair behind legitimate business; in other words, there really might be a business trip, seminar, convention but what you don’t realize is the paramour could meet him/her there and after the business fuctions are over for the day then they can spend uninterrupted time alone on their little getaway. Read More→

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