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How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?

Money matters, but the truth is priceless. That sounds like a good tagline for any business. However, there is a point to be made that you get what you pay for, or rather expect the quality of your experience to be reflected in the quantity of cash you have to dole out.

So one’s first inclination when looking for a private investigator is to shop around. But what criteria should you be looking for?

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Why We Turn Clients Down

Cheating Private Investigator Expert in NJAs a potential client, you deserve an investigator that will be honest with you while assessing your unique situation during the initial consultation.

The purpose of the client/investigator relationship must be clear, and that is often times legally obtaining information which is relevant to the client, and helps him/her resolve an issue which he/she couldn’t resolve otherwise. In simple terms, our main goal in each case is to bring you the undisputed truth which you are unable to reveal without our professional assistance.

While money could be viewed as our primary goal, the reality is that we regularly have to turn down a potential client that is willing to pay — and here are a few reasons why we are happy to do just that.
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What’s the Secret?

Magnum Investigations - NJ Private InvestigatorBefore you hire a company or individual to perform any service, what are the steps you should take during the search process to ensure the highest likelihood that your experience will be successful?

You look for someone who is transparent in their work with an extensive track record of positive results, both in completing the job and interacting with the client/customer. This track record and recommendation process coupled with other indicators of qualification such as licensing, certification and/or insurance can help in simplifying the research and hiring process.

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Does a Private Investigator Have Special Privileges

Private Detective CaricatureTelevision and film commonly and inaccurately depict the actions of a private investigator in an effort to create suspense-filled drama-driven content. In reality, a private investigator has few special privileges or legal allowances compared to the typical private citizen.

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How Credible is Your Private Investigator

Not all private investigators are created equal, so it’s important when searching for an investigator that one does their homework. Experience and credibility are a pair of critical credentials that should be at the top of your must have list.

Because of this, you have to wonder why some investigators wouldn’t disclose their name, or the owner’s name on their website. Frankly, if this is the case, you must find this information out and research that individual, particularly if you want to use the evidence obtained by the investigator in court.

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