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5 Tips to Get Along With Your Ex

girl-with-balloonsIt’s difficult to have a relationship with someone after either your heart or theirs is hurt from the break up. But hate and lingering resentment doesn’t ever lead to moving on productively.

If kids are involved, it’s even more important to be cordial and respectful in each other’s company.

So here’s 5 ways to create the best long-term relationship once your intimate one fizzles out.

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What to Expect for a Cheating Investigation

girl-looking-phoneWhen it comes to cheating, people just want to know the truth. But they often don’t consider the planning and effort that goes into obtaining it.

These are the things that are most often misunderstood by potential clients.

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Catch Your Traveling Spouse

Traveling Cheating SpouseAs a specialist company, we get a lot of requests from people outside the state when their spouse is in New Jersey. Traveling, whether for work or pleasure, often allows a cheater to relax in which time they may be more blatant regarding their mischievous behavior and less likely to cover their tracks.

This situation is ideal for an investigator, because the subject could be naive and openly reveal more vital information. Furthermore, a mixture of daring behavior and stupidity could be the perfect recipe to catch him/her red-handed.

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Proving Cohabitation for Alimony Cases

Alimony PosterDo you believe that your ex-spouse is taking advantage of the law by receiving alimony while maintaining a new live-in (cohabiting) boyfriend or girlfriend? When this occurs, you can become frustrated and dissatisfied with the situation, especially its financial implications.

Below we will discuss the necessary steps that could help remedy the situation and which factors indicate the existence of cohabitation.

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Cheating Spouse Advice

Cheating Husband with Mistress at BarBelow are some of our best tips to handle your situation when you find out that your spouse may be having an affair.  To find out more about each bit of advice, click through to read the full articles.

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