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The Cheating Spouse Lying Script to Shift Blame

Cheaters are already living a lie. Therefore, if you address your suspicions in the form of an accusation, their natural reaction may be to extend that lie via denial and deflection.

Here are a few common examples of how a cheater is likely to react to your questions about their affair.

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The Truth About Supervised Visitation in NJ

Supervised visitation for a non-custodial parent’s time with their child could be court-ordered for a number of reasons. However, the root cause of supervised visits is to maintain and protect the well being of the child/and or children.

If you feel your ex should only have Supervised Visitation of your child, then it is important to know that the courts will not simply honor your request without having compelling proof justifying such.

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Discovering Your Ex Spouse’s Partner Does Drugs

It is said that the moment you become a parent, your idea of life changes. This concept is often applied to describe a shift toward maturity and away from selfish endeavors.

For example, your college buddy, who used to hit happy hour hard on Thursday afternoon and then stumble into class half asleep on Friday morning, now shies away from going to the bar at all.

“I’ve got some odds and ends to take care of around the house,” he says before giving you a soft “maybe,” which from experience, you translate to a polite “no.”

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Fantasy Football: Reality or a Cheater’s Lie?

Fantasy football is a game that those who participate in really embrace for various reasons.

For many, it’s an excuse to follow the entire NFL rather than rooting for a single team. Participating in a fantasy football league is particularly appealing if your favorite team isn’t getting anywhere near the “playoffs,” as Jim Mora infamously exclaimed.

As you get older and see friends and family more infrequently, it’s an excuse to stay connected, too. The days of real competition on the playing field are merely memories now as an adult. But, the competitive spirit remains strong as we each manage a made-up team of pro players that grind it out on the gridiron of the internet. The teams may be a fantasy, but the bragging rights of victory are firmly planted in reality.

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Drawing the Lines on Infidelity in Your Relationship

Cheating Husband Video Surveillance

When considering what constitutes or fits the definition of infidelity, one may naturally think of the ultimate physical action of sleeping with other people.

However, while that is the time-worn scenario, individuals often determine their definition.

Without a universal line, especially in the age of instant communication and gratification, it could be essential to sit down with your spouse or prospective partner and discuss the rules of your relationship.

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