Many People Get Caught in the Web of Lies by Cheating

How the entertainment industry depicts infidelity makes you consider it a triangular situation.

The bond between a couple breaks when a third party (single person) enters the romantic equation. In this circumstance, the new relationship takes precedence, and the unknowing (ignorant) spouse is portrayed as a victim until the truth comes to light.

Cheating in a Crowd

While this straying significant-other situation is common, something that often occurs is that not only one but rather both members of a cheating couple are misleading their spouses.

Consequently, at least four people are affected by the scandalous behavior. The more people involved, the more complicated the web of lies becomes.


  • What happens when one of the cheating victims learns the truth?
  • Who is responsible for breaking the silence and informing the unknowing fourth party?
  • If you found out that your spouse was cheating with another committed person, would you feel obligated to tell a stranger the truth?
  • Should their spouse first be given a chance to confess their betrayal?
  • Does the nature of the infidelity (one night stand, short term, long term) dictate or influence how you would proceed?
  • What if they share children?

What Should You Do?

While the onus of the infidelity may not fall on you; but, how you respond and interact with those involved certainly does. You may feel justified in releasing your emotions in an unrestrained torrent.

However, what is the optimal way to consider the other victim’s circumstance, addressing the wrong without inflicting or causing more upheaval in another person’s life?

Are you concerned that your spouse may be involved with someone else? Do you need the truth but don’t know the most discreet way to get it? The professionals at Magnum Investigations are here to bridge that gap.

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Cheating Spouse

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