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Cheating Business

surveillance-cheating-coupleAre there degrees or levels of infidelity? When individuals envision cheating what they typically picture are the physical sexual acts, their suspicious spouse in a bedroom with someone else. However, this may not be the manner in which a cheater views the same events.

While the victim of cheating often ties together an emotional element to a physical relationship, those who stray for physical purposes may simply characterize sex as just that; physical. A cheater could consider their actions a matter of availability and need. He/she needed the physical release of stress that sex temporarily provides, and for any number of reasons chose a stranger to participate with. Maybe their spouse was out of town, or conversely he/she was on a business trip and simply hooked up with someone after a drink at the hotel bar.

It was just sex. After all, if you’re in a different area code it shouldn’t count as cheating, right? Plus the difference between that momentary carnal lapse, and the relationship one has with their spouse, is the emotional connection and commitment. You don’t care about that the person, you just needed a partner in crime at the time. In an hour, you probably won’t even remember his/ her name that’s just how inconsequential their existence is. But, wait maybe you should get their number, just in case your in town and want to do this again.It would be more convenient for efficiencies sake. ¬†You’re actually being responsible and reasonable, what your wife doesn’t know can’t hurt her and in narrowing it down to one partner your exhibiting control its a safer option than playing the one night stand game.

If you’re suspicious of what your spouse does while away on business trips, and suspect that infidelity may be on the overnight menu, contact a private investigator to see if they can help fill in the missing blanks

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