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Did My Cheating Spouse Give Me an STD?

stds-cheating-infidelitySexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are a subject which few people want to talk about; hoping that if we as individuals pretend they don’t exist, then we won’t be affected by them. However, this naive approach can be dangerous.

And while discussing STDs with potential sexual partners/and or your significant other can be uncomfortable, it can help to assure safety and hopefully help to avoid unwelcome/unhealthy surprises.

Transmitting an STD

Without regular screening/testing for STDs, their root cause can be uncertain because some STDs will not immediately show positive on a blood test and can remain dormant in an individual’s system for months or years.

However, especially when in a long-term relationship, an unaware spouse may assume that this outbreak implies infidelity. These ambiguous situations are considered a prime example of why condom usage may persist despite the presence of a long-term commitment.

Cheating vs. Open Relationship

Speaking of commitment and honesty, a recent study from the University of Michigan found something interesting in the realm of monogamy versus open relationships. The study suggests that individuals who subscribe to the concept of an open relationship use healthier/safer sexual practices.

When compared to cheaters, the individuals in the open relationship are more likely to discuss STD testing/history (63% to 34%), and are also more likely to use a condom (66% to 48%).

These actions suggest that those in open relationships consider the long-term implications of their sexual actions more thoroughly than cheaters, who are much more secretive and may be accustomed to not using any protection.

Who is to Blame for an STD

Sexual history and health can be a crucial aspect of an intimate relationship. It may appear difficult and uncomfortable to discuss one’s past with their present partner; however without open honest communication and consistent screening/testing, the future could provide more questions than answers.

The only way to be certain of when the STD was transferred is by getting a full evaluation by a medical professional. However, if you and your partner have been tested and you still have a lingering belief that cheating was involved, a private investigator may better serve you. In our experience, cheaters often lie in the presence of an STD because they still manage to create a story and make you feel insecure.

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