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Class Reunions & Cheating: Beware of Past Relationships

A class reunion can represent a social checkup. People whom you once rubbed elbows within the hallways, competed with academically in the classroom daily and sought out in a romantic manner reconvene after a length of time.

It can have the feeling of entering a time machine equipped with the experience and knowledge of the future.

You may enter that banquet hall and feel like a fish out of water, no longer connected to the people or place that once was as familiar as the back of your hand. There’s a strong chance that this is the case if the moment the opportunity presented itself, you hightailed it out of Dodge and didn’t look back, searching for a fresh start in green pastures.

Life After High School

You went to college, met a girl, got a good job, and settled into family life. Your parents don’t live around here anymore; they moved to Arizona. So without a home base and only a few long-time friends you text semi infrequently there’s no need to visit and wax nostalgic about the good old days.

But, rather than erasing the past, you figure you’ll roll into town and see how the everyone is doing, maybe grab a beer or a bourbon in the process. Unfortunately, your wife decided it was better to stay at home with the kids and save some money (they’re too young to pawn off on somebody else).

So you’re here alone, and that’s nice because you don’t have to play the introduction game. You’ve run into a few people, but the music doesn’t bring back your youth; instead, it makes you feel old.

You’re just about to finish that drink and head out the door, with the mindset that you tried to have a good time, but you can’t relive the past. You’ll call your wife from the hotel, watch some TV and hit the hay. Lesson learned.

Rekindling an Old Flame

Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see a familiar face, one that has aged well compared to the others, considering you haven’t seen it in 15 years.

She’s smiling and, despite your insecurity, at you. She walks over, and before you can think of hers, she says your name.

Now you’re thinking about that hotel room but for a whole new reason…

Are you concerned that your spouse may be making a trip like this with the intention of cheating?

Contact us to see if we can fill in the details of their itinerary which they’ll never share with you.

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