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Does Your Spouse Prefer to Lease or Buy?

A constant consumer problem exists, especially around the holiday season.

Buying new things conjures momentary happiness, and companies feed on that feeling by further enticing gift searchers with the bait of a sale.

Not only is the product that you want attractively packaged, but it is also now at a lower price than you ever imagined. It’s almost like the cosmos are lining up just so that you can purchase that thing you never knew existed – now you can’t live without it.

The special offer taps into our perpetual fear of missing out. Buy it now, or live with regret forever, or at least that’s how they sell it.

Our Desire for New Toys

Car dealerships best perpetuate this concept wrapped in the glow of the holidays with the real desire to move inventory and create space for the new model year. Deals start to appear in TV and radio advertisements.

They plant the seed that you need to upgrade what you’re driving, no matter how far your commute. You’re made to feel like you’re missing out on all the convenient features.

Plus let’s be honest, putting one of those giant ribbons on a car as a present is a power move, a gift that no one will forget.

Test Driving a Significant Other

Leasing is an alternative that allows you always to have a new vehicle as long as you’re cool with that monthly payment.

Intimate relationships can work this way, as well.

Everyone enjoys a fresh start. But for things to get serious, you need to commit to your spouse, to buy in mutually.

The problem which presents itself is that the longer you’re involved, the more blemishes you reveal. Some accept your faults as part of the package. Others see it as a reason to explore an upgrade.

Are you worried that you thought your relationship was for keeps, but your spouse sees it as a lease? Are they already test-driving a replacement? Give us a call.

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