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Facebook Stalking & Jealousy

Facebook Cheating and JealousySocial media has opened new lines of communication with a large net of individuals, all sharing their personal information on a routine basis. The filter of the internet, particularly Facebook, has blurred the lines of privacy and makes anyone an easy target for “online creeping/stalking”.

With this in mind a study at the University of Toronto Mississauga was conducted in the hopes of illuminating the effect that the social media age has on a relationship.

How Women Use Facebook vs. Men

The study found that women apply more meaning to their online presence, and that correlation applies to their online identity and relationship status. As a result, women are more likely to monitor the free-flowing nature of Facebook and keep tabs on their spouse. A woman is more likely to check a spouse’s activity if she ascertains the presence of a potential threat, and may monitor her significant other as a means of cautious reassurance.  On the contrary, men actually search Facebook less if they exhibit a higher level of jealousy in a relationship.

However, both men and women become significantly more jealous when they see a picture of their partner with a mutual friend of the opposite sex.  This confirms that cross-sex friends, more often than not, stoke feelings of jealousy even if you firmly believe they aren’t a real threat.

Making it Work with Facebook

Facebook has become a part of many young adults daily routine. It provides access to areas of people’s lives previously uncharted, allowing anyone to keep a watchful, yet invisible, eye on their significant others habits.

While this can be seen as an advantageous safeguarding tool, it can also breed jealousy, which is never a positive element in a relationship. The best way to handle this is to discuss how each member approaches Facebook as the relationship becomes more serious. Doing so provides context for what is grounds for public display, and what should be considered off-limits.

The key, as always, is to voice concern early rather than allowing issues to snowball and become passive-aggressive through Facebook stalking. Remember that while these websites are mainstream with social pressure to be continuously active, individuals have a choice as to what is shared and how they approach them.

Bringing it All Together

Social media and the internet in general has drastically altered the manner in which we as a society interact and communicate. These tools, when utilized correctly, can enhance your personal experience. However, it can also be a breeding ground for jealousy, creating obstacles within a relationship and offering new avenues for potential cheaters to navigate infidelity.

If you feel as though your significant other is potentially being unfaithful and using social media and other internet based activity, our use of computer forensics could help to uncover or reveal their true online presence — no matter how carefully he/she tried to cover their tracks.  However, you must have legal rights/ownership to the computer in question otherwise Computer Forensics is not an option leaving you with only one alternative and that is a covert Video Surveillance Investigation where our investigators can video document your partner’s activities.


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