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Getting Back On Course Post Divorce

infidelity-scribble-1As individuals we are constantly adapting and evolving to our current circumstances. However, we tend to place of emphasis on making changes when major events place us out on a cliff. These changes can be dictated by gains or losses in our private or personal lives. So, while infidelity and subsequent potential divorce can come as a dramatic shock to the system, once the initial physical pain subsides, an opportunity for personal growth and reinvention may present itself.

In the beginning, an individual that has been victimized by infidelity may feel damaged or unable to develop the trust component necessary to create a new relationship. That sense of self assurance and security can be built a new over time. In the interim,  an individual can shift the onus back onto him/herself.

Making a reconnection to the aspects of your own life, by diving into the activities which you’ve enjoyed in the past and/or exploring new found interests can serve as a means of investing in yourself while potentially gaining exposure to/ becoming a part of a community of like-minded people. In making the choice to act on your interests, you can set a new set of priorities while empowering yourself.

While actions that created your circumstances post divorce may not have been in your plans, the way you react and bounce back from that unforeseen detour is completely in your control. Take the time required to shake off the sting of infidelity. Then, get back on track; or maybe better yet forge a new path toward a future that you may not have envisioned in the past. Every setback presents the potential for a comeback or new beginning.


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