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Helping Your Child Cope with Divorce

private-investigator-New-Jersey-300x276In our last post we discussed keeping proper documentation in the midst of a child custody case. While it is great to practice administrative responsibility, divorces of course carry a lot of emotional weight. Divorces, for children in particular, can be quite distressing and confusing. Regardless of age, children will experience uncertainty and anger–but fortunately as a parent you can help alleviate that stress by keeping some things in mind. Here are some tips from experienced NJ private investigators:

  • Both parents should strive to stay involved in their child’s life, either through writing letters or making phone calls. Lack of involvement can make a child feel unimportant and unloved.
  • Work hard to get along with your spouse and avoid fighting in front your child, especially over subjects relevant to them. Fighting about your child can give rise to feelings of guilt.
  • Acting jealous or upset over your child’s time with their other parent can make a child feel that they need to take sides.
  • Avoid sending messages through your child; instead, communicate with the other parent directly.
  • Refrain from speaking ill of the other parent, as this creates an expectation for the child to take your side.
  • Keep in mind that your child has their own wants and needs, and you should be asking what they are.

Divorces are anything but easy. While you can add some convenience by enlisting the help of a NJ private investigator, there is an entire emotional aspect of the process that needs addressing. Stay tuned for even more tips for when coping with divorce.

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