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Holiday Cheer or Cheat?

wood-fireIts cold outside, the perfect time to nestle and cuddle up with your loved one, right? Well while many view the holidays as a great excuse to share quality time, drinks, feasts, gifts in appreciation with our closest friends and family; their are others who are looking to blaze new paths by cheating on their spouses. It’s not only the season of cheer but it’s also the season of cheating.

Infidelity spikes over the holidays. Why? Well for starters many individuals tend to use this time of year to evaluate their current situations both personal and professional. It could be a time to relax and accept the comforts of company and tradition; or it could feel like pressure-cooker of expectations were one doesn’t or hasn’t met the goals he/she anticipated reaching and as a result feels disappointed.

Instead of drinking as a means of celebration, it becomes a way to avoid reality. While in avoidance mode, one seeks other temporary  means of relief, by making poor adulterous decisions  at the watering hole looking for a shot at redemption with the cute girl/guy at the bar or by taking that cheerful embrace or flirtation with the co-worker is a step too far.

Gluttony and loneliness run hand in hand, after all its only temporary. The mindset can become: It’s the holidays whats the big deal if you over indulge?  It’s the time of the season and you’ll start that strict diet on January 1st, a new year’s resolution a fresh beginning. You’ll only cheat this one night, you’re inhibitions are down and she/he will never find out. You’ll be the perfect faithful spouse, starting tomorrow.

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