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How Do Cheaters Hide An Affair

Cheating Spouse Hide AffairFor a cheating spouse, the key to any affair is the ability to cover-up the extra-curricular relationship. So, how does a cheater cover their tracks, keeping his/her spouse in the dark while being unfaithful?

The first obstacle that a cheater faces is avoiding suspicion.

The most common way cheaters avoid suspicion is to maintain a sense of the norm or status quo within their legitimate relationship. They will avoid situations which deviate from their day to day routine, since any changes could draw a red-flag, leading their spouse to pay more attention to their actions. Among the numerous changes that may tip off a cheater’s spouse are the following: an altered work schedule, changes in appearance including wardrobe style, workout and exercise habits, etc.

A professional NJ private investigator who is an expert in surveillance will catch these abnormalities.

Individuals tend to be most self-conscious of their image when they are pursuing a potential mate; conveniently working out is also an activity often accomplished individually – and without interruption – therefore serving as the perfect alibi for being off the grid for a couple of hours.

Another prime excuse used to hide an affair is work. Since most people work outside of their home, and particularly in poor economic times, increasing one’s hours to make extra money or meet the requirements of your boss are perfectly reasonable excuses for distancing yourself from a spouse while also allowing you to cheat.

While on the subject of work, business trips, fictitious or not, are prime pickings for a cheater. Since these trips can be categorized as mandatory, a spouse has minimal objection. Once out of town, a cheater can more easily fall off the communication grid using work-related excuses while checking-in whenever is convenient. Work trips can be used as the easiest way to cheat with a co-worker, or to have an on again/off again affair with someone that lives in another city, especially since your spouse has almost no chance of ever meeting the other person.

Vacations or weekend getaways can be used in a similar way. A guys or girls weekend automatically prohibits the inclusion of spouses allowing for lots of wiggle room.

In fact, these trips can be used in the reverse. On the surface, planning and paying for your spouse to go on their own individual vacation earns you romantic credit; however, when the cat’s away the mice shall play. Sending your spouse to a distant location will allow you to move more freely and all but eliminate suspicion.

A good cheater will always attempt to cover their tracks. However, the majority of cheaters are not bulletproof and can be caught. When you have a deep suspicion that your significant other is having a secret affair, your only opportunity is to hire a cheating spouse private investigator that will bring the truth to the surface regardless of circumstances.

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