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How Does Infidelity Affect Children

Marriage Fighting Cheating SpouseA cheater could be considered selfish for placing  his/her needs in front of those of their spouse. But, there are other individuals whom feel the backlash, namely their children. Infidelity may occur more often than some would like to wish, and while it may be debatable where the onus of blame lies given the specific circumstances, one issue remains clear children often play the role of innocent bystanders and consequently the victims of infidelity.

The ramifications of infidelity reach beyond one’s spouse and fall squarely on one’s children. Children will involuntarily suffer the consequence when a marriage falls south. Trying times that find a couple at odds will place their offspring in the middle.  Potential divorce and custody consequences can drastically alter the course of a child’s upbringing.

As a result, a child’s residence, schooling, interactions with family and friends could all be in flux. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the infidelity, whether it was a momentary lapse of judgement or a long-term on-going affair, a marriage or relationship may be able to overcome or contrarily collapse as a result. Depending on the result and the age of the child a parent or parents will determine the degree of the truth which they disclose. That information may shift a child in aligning with one parent over the other.

Furthermore with the longterm future in mind, children whose parents commit infidelity may suffer later on as a result. How so? Well for one thing a child’s relationship with their parents could be altered. He/she may choose to pick sides creating distance within a family.

Beyond the immediate reach and implications, like many other actions and child mimics first-hand, infidelity that create or frame a persons view on marriage, trust, intimacy, having their own children etc. Cheating may be about you or by extension your spouse but its’ reach may be even further.

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