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Infidelity and Cheating Apps

Snapchat - Cheating AppAdvances in technology are creating new tools for infidelity. These apps can be used to hide the truth or help a wary spouse keep an eye on their loved one.

  • Snapchat – Sending a self-destructing, inappropriate and sexually explicit photo/video to a cheating partner is an excellent means of flirtation, and that’s exactly what Snapchat provides with their 10 second clips that are deleted after viewing. However, a tech savvy person can save these messages via a screenshot or other software, so be careful if you are sending nude photos.
  • Slydial – A service which allows the user to dial directly to voicemail, thus avoiding potential unwanted interruptions or conversations while delivering information. This can be used by a cheater to fake reception issues while checking in with a spouse or to leave a message such as meetup info for a mistress while avoiding a trail of communication.
  • Vaulty Stocks – This password-protected app hides its true purpose by masking itself under the guise of a fully functional stock lookup app. Vaulty Stocks allows users to discreetly conceal pictures and videos under a rather common, unremarkable user interface. This makes it the perfect secret space to store explicit files, and one which a spouse won’t even think to look.
  • TigerText – A temporary, auto-erasing text service. Rather than relying on the recipient to eliminate the message TigerText gives the sender control. This is an excellent tool for control-driven cheaters looking to clear or erase their tracks.
  • CATE – The Call and Text Eraser allows users to hide contacts, phone calls, and text messages. It also can be PIN accessible and is hidden so that a snooping spouse won’t know that you possess it. Furthermore it allows for quick and permanent deletion of information. This app creates a layer of invisibility giving a suspicious spouse the illusion of normalcy.
  • Boyfriend Tracker – Due to the privacy issues connected with this app, it has garnered controversy despite the intent to be used with “consent”. Potentially used as a spying device and invisibly downloaded on an individual’s phone, it allows the ability to keep tabs on a spouse via GPS, access to call history and incoming/outgoing text messaging while also knowing if the phone is turned off or in airplane mode. This app gives unparalleled access to someone’s phone, letting you see where he/she is and who he/she is communicating with at all times. But, is it a step too far?

Many of these services offer discreet lines of communication, thereby creating avenues for cheaters to hide their tracks or suspicious spouses to spy on their mates. They can be seen as new age tools, but in the wrong hands they can be extreme weapons of deception.

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