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Infidelity and the Holidays

Holiday Business Party - Drinking and CheatingWith the holidays in full swing, the season of giving is upon us and that may just include infidelity in a variety of ways. Everyone deserves a token of appreciation and the holidays are often a period on the calendar designated for gift-giving and other special moments. It’s the time when we indulge ourselves and the ones we love; maybe a little too much. This concept applies to cheaters as well.

It could be the one time of the year where he/she eases off the reigns of secrecy to lavish their mistress with a gift or a fancy meal. Or perhaps the mistress returns the favor in an unexpected way.  Maybe he/she withdraws large amounts of cash from a bank account looking to hide the paper trail of a credit card bill made at a boutique, restaurant, hotel, online, etc. Maybe he/she doesn’t even take that precaution and openly buys something expensive and you never see the item or who it receives it. Maybe he/she gets lazy and buys duplicate gifts – one for you and one for the mistress. For any of the aforementioned scenarios, it is the ideal time to catch a cheater.

But, it’s not only what you give, it could be what your spouse receives that tips you off to their infidelity. If you find a present/item that you didn’t give your spouse that is too nice, too personal or too expensive to be from a friendly co-worker, it might not be.

Speaking of, co-workers are often the culprits of marital infidelity, and the combination of a holiday party with the overindulgence of alcohol results in a prime opportunity to catch a cheating spouse.  This can be the one set of circumstances where a business man/woman wipes away the innocence of daily flirtation, pushing those “harmless” activities toward actual indiscretion.

The holidays are a time when people let their guard down for a variety of reasons. We preach joy and love, and demonstrate it through gift giving and extravagant end of the year parties.  But it is also a prime time to catch a cheater pushing their boundaries, or uncover that moment where one takes advantage of a work party buzz to take that co-worker flirtation to the next level.

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