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Infidelity May be About Your Spouse, But It Effects Your Children

child-holding-legRelationships often start off simple, based on physical attraction, as time goes by the dimensions and/or depth of that interaction augments and increases. Injecting children into that equation dramatically shifts the established nature of that relationship. As a result, it makes sense that a landmark event, such as infidelity, will not  simply impact a couple but also the child or children that sit  on the sidelines as innocent bystanders.

Of course the ideal relationship avoids infidelity and therefore bypasses the hazards that it presents. However, reality is often not a fairy tale, So, how should we address adultery when dealing with our children. Should we present a brave face hoping to maintain the ideal of their parents’ relationship as a means of enlisting optimism in a safeguarding manner. Should we be brutally honest, presenting the facts exposing them to reality in a manner that might change their opinion of their mother or father in a negative light?

The answer is contingent upon specific circumstances. How old are your children? Are they likely to find/figure out the situation without a formal discussion? What are your plans as a couple going forward?

Your child will undoubtedly base at least in part their ideals of a relationship upon those of their parents/ So, it is extremely important to consider the long-term consequences divorce, separation or attempting reconciliation provides. Parents provide a guideline of expectations for children and while  you may consider children naive to the adult-world, they can recognize changes in atmosphere and daily behavior. So rather than attempting to bury the elephant that sits ion the middle of your household acknowledge and address it, because the sooner you accept the issues the quicker you can overcome them.

And, if you’re in a speculators state regarding potential infidelity, contacting a private investigator to sure up the facts may be your best bet.

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