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Intimacy, communication and how the two thrive off each other

Telephone and Cell Phone Records for Infidelity InvestigationsPhysical attraction may be the first thing that catches your eye and thus tempting you into facilitating a relationship. However, the timeless aspect that a couple can sustain over time, is via communication. It is true that a healthy relationship grows deeper due to sharing ideas, compromising and understanding the other’s point of view.

What does this all mean? We can debate whether its better to share similar likes and dislikes, or the concept that two individuals are like puzzles pieces mutually filling in the void in the other.  The undeniable reality is that no matter how similar or different a pairing is, the more openly honest and understanding of each other they can be, the better the environment is for a relationship to not only grow but thrive.

Its not so much the content of the conversations as much as it is the attention and respect one offers. Displaying a caring attitude not simply based on your personal interest in the subject matter, but considering that it’s important to your spouse and therefore since your partner is important to you then he/she deserves your attention. This consideration and respect provides windows of opportunity to learn and experience new things about each other and together forging a strong bond in which any situation is accessible through communication.

Rather than building personal walls to protect yourself, you’re opening doors to a new existence allowing someone to venture beyond the surface. The result? When a problem arises you won’t be fearful or hesitant to turn to each other addressing and hopefully overcoming the issue.

The alternative  is the dreaded secrecy of silence. If communication with ones spouse breaks down, fear of the unknown creates tension and resentment. Furthermore, harboring these ill feeling could lead an individual to seek a new means of alleviating concerns, possibly through an affair.

Speak up before the wall of silence creates a divide that neither of you can bridge.  If you suspect that a wall has already begun being built and you suspect that your spouse is sharing their secrets with someone  else then hiring a private investigator may be the best way to destroy the wall via exposing the truth thus resulting an salvaging your relationship.


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