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Is She Cheating?

woman-stretchingThe quick, hot take on your marriage. You loved your spouse, and presumably at the time the feeling was mutual. There was no good reason to think that those feelings were going to change, so collectively you decided to make an official commitment with a formal ceremony and a celebratory party so that your friends and family could join in on this joyous occassion.

Initially, the first couple years , things seemingly went according to the plan which you had envisioned in your head. You bought a house, the one that would become a home, you even had a pair of children. Then while the making of a family was in full swing, the situation hit what you thought was a temporary snag. You lost your job. You and your spouse disagreed over the cause of your unemployment. She thought it was because you were acting somewhat lazily. You think it was because the company was being unreasonable in regard to workload expectations, hours etc. In essence, they were pushing you out the door.

Since then, you’ve been looking for a new gig, one that pays well at a place where you can be professionally satisfied. But, in the meantime, the money’s being stretched a little thin. That financial tension has caused some friction between you and your wife. She thinks that you’re not looking hard enough, that you’re being too picky loafing around the house. And, you’ve gained a little weight, you’re eating a little more and kind of depressed, Maybe that’s why you’ve haven’t been intimate for awhile. Maybe that weight gain is why she is always going to the gym.

Its a good thing that she occasionally goes out for drinks with friends. But, they’re people you’ve never met. Sometimes she comes home late. and the reason she steps out when taking a phone call is to avoid being rude, right?

This is just a road bump, she isn’t the type to cheat. Is she?

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