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Is Your Ex’s New Boyfriend or Girlfriend Good for Your Child?

Child-Custody-300x200Although our NJ private investigator services will help prove if your ex’s new boyfriend/girlfriend is unfit to raise your child, we’ve put together a few tips and techniques that you can perform on your very own.

Perform as Much Initial Research as You Can: Our NJ private investigators will perform a high level of research on both your ex and his or her new partner. However, you will still want to perform a bit of initial research, such as if the new partner does drugs, abuses the child, has a criminal record, or does not support the child financially.

Have the Child Evaluated By a Psychologist: This will help determine if the child is in fact abused by their guardian or not. A psychologist will ask certain questions about how the child feels regarding the new guardian, as well as if the guardian is a good fit for the child’s situation.

Does the Parent Have the Financial Means To Support the Child?: Although your ex may be receiving money from you for child support, it is hard to tell if that money is being spent responsibly or not. Make sure you are supporting the child, rather than your ex and his or her new partner.

We understand that often times it will be hard to acquire this information without the help of our third party investigation service, which is why our private investigator services are so important for these types of cases.

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