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Is Your Spouse Hiding Money from You?

Some hidden or undisclosed behavior may draw a red flag when it comes to one’s spouse and the prospect of infidelity.

Maybe they checkout from a communication perspective, ignoring or drifting off into their own world when you’re attempting to have a meaningful conversation.

In a similar vein, your spouse can also become difficult to reach when they’re away from home on a business trip.

These dismissal type actions could be explained away by stressful, busy work situations“I couldn’t answer your call,” “I forgot to respond to your text or email because I was swamped at work,” “I missed dinner because I had to stay late.”

Worse yet, what if your suspicions prove to be unfounded? Then, you could be viewed as ungrateful of someone else’s hard work ethic and viewed as selfish for not giving enough support; especially when in theory both of you benefit financially as a result.

However, what if your doubts prove valid and work is simply being used as a guise for shady or unsavory behavior?

Or what if there’s another wrinkle, the time at work is legitimate but the money is disappearing or going into accounts that you don’t see. Where could it be and what could your spouse be doing to hide it?

It’s time to follow the money and see where it leads…

Here are some clues that we often see from cheaters:

  • Is your spouse altering where or how they spend money?
  • Are they eating at food establishments you’re unfamiliar with?
  • Are they making purchases from different stores or locations?
  • Do they have a recent desire to revamp their wardrobe
  • Are they reapplying themselves at the gym?

Their tax returns and/or credit statements could unlock these financial secrets. For instance, you may uncover accounts you were unaware of, or learn they are hiding money in preparation of an eventual split to collect later.

The cashflow often tells the story, but sometimes a cheater is clever with their financial maneuvers – in this circumstance, nothing beats video evidence.

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