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Keep Quiet When You Suspect Cheating

keep-quietSo, you have reason to suspect that your spouse is cheating. Your natural inclination may be to allow your feelings of anger, disappointment and sadness dictate your actions. However, while it may seem like a good idea to vent your emotions, releasing anger by accusing your spouse of infidelity; in reality your best bet may be to sit tight and keep quiet.

Why you ask?

Because In our experience, the cheater will lie 99% of the time when confronted regarding cheating. The fact of the matter is they will fabricate a story and not admit any wrongdoing unless there is hard evidence which they cannot refute.

In fact, in accusing him/her and revealing your suspicion, you are merely showing your hand and emphasizing the mistakes or flaws of their cheating scheme. The more you probe, the smarter they will become. They will use any suspicions that you present as a way to be extra careful the next time around. In a way, you are highlighting their errors, so that he/she knows which areas to address to continue deceiving you.

You may even think the cheating has ended after an angry confrontation with you, when in reality you’ve helped to cultivate and adapt a more sophisticated and cautious level of adultery.  The high of cheating is often too great of an addiction for any cheater to stop cold turkey.

Rather than letting your emotions control how you react to a potential affair and absent-mindedly tipping your hand to a spouse, the better alternative is to express your suspicion and reasoning to our investigators who can explore the specific situation. Our private investigators will utilize video surveillance, which you can then see with your own eyes to determine if your suspicions are in fact justified.  Video is the only thing that will end the lies because video cannot be refuted.

The potential of a cheating spouse will trigger a strong emotional response from anyone. However, it is important to consider that while acting on emotion may cause temporary relief & satisfaction, it could seriously hinder a long-term investigation. Rather than confronting your spouse, who will automatically deny any wrongdoing, contact an experienced private investigator who can gather information discretely which will ultimately reveal the undeniable truth.

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