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Modifying Your Child Custody Order

Child custody can be a very tricky situation. Ideally, despite the fact that you and your ex are no longer in a relationship you and your partner/ex-partner can come to a custody agreement that serves the best interest of your child/children. However, what happens once that initial custody agreement is in place and the circumstances/principles of the agreement are altered?

Once again, under ideal conditions, a new or modified agreement would be reached to reflect these changes.  Sometimes changes such as these can be necessary because the environment a parent provides becomes inadequate or detrimental to the well being of the child/children over time.  If a parent presents a negative living environment for his/her child, there is also a good chance that he/she is unwilling to admit it, therefore making it difficult to bring about the correct changes to the child custody agreement.

Drug or alcohol abuse is prime example: if a parent is battling substance abuse it’s probably in the best interest of the child/children to limit or eliminate unsupervised custody until the situation is under control. Another example of a negative situation which a parent may be unwilling to address openly is the presence of a new girlfriend or boyfriend that is abusive or sets a poor example for your child via substance abuse, physical abuse, illegal activity, etc.  Sexual addictions are becoming more common; therefore if you believe that your ex is engaging in sexually deviant behavior such as Massage Parlors and/or Strip clubs where extra-curricular activity occurs, Escort Services, Prostitution, etc. then Video Surveillance would be an ideal option.

When you find yourself in this position, where a former partner is unwilling to modify the custody order, enlisting the services of a licensed private investigator is likely the best method to finding a custody resolution.  A private investigator can document a pattern of behavior using video surveillance to demonstrate that a child is being placed in a compromised or unfit situation OR that your ex is living a Lifestyle that is irresponsible in nature. This documented evidence is an invaluable asset that a judge must consider when re-evaluating child custody.

The best interest of your child is by far the most important aspect of your child custody agreement but if you rely on your word against his, it is often a losing battle. Also, if you rely on just your Attorney you will likely achieve an unsuccessful outcome.  So if your ex is placing your child/children in a poor and uncomfortable situation, hiring a private investigator could be the best course of action you take to modify your custody and protect your child.

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