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The Office Affair You Can’t End

Let’s go through a hypothetical scenario. Work this past week has been extraordinarily tiring and stressful. Everyone at the office is relieved that it’s Friday. As a result, the group heads to the local watering hole to blow off some steam. You and your flirtatious co-worker both exceed moderation and, as luck would have it, kiss.

Now, rather than irresponsibly drive home, you decide to head to their place to sober up first. However, once you arrive, your attraction leads the way. You don’t consider your spouse and existing relationship until the deed’s already been done.

You feel guilty, but with the cat out of the bag, the second and third times are easier to reconcile with and occur more deliberately.

But then something changes. The fun, casual, somewhat spontaneous interactions hit a snag when your co-worker tells you that they want more, suggesting that you leave your spouse.

Getting a divorce or separation isn’t a desirable or viable option from your perspective, so you end the affair. The problem is that your co-worker won’t accept that ending.

They start to escalate the situation, asking you to go to lunch or texting you inappropriate things at inappropriate times (both at the office and home). When going out for drinks with business associates, they throw themselves at you in front of everyone.

Now you have a multitude of problems.

Your co-worker is threatening to inform your spouse about the affair if it doesn’t continue, and you can’t avoid them because you see them every day.

Situations like this in the workplace are common when one person seeks extra-marital fun, and the other is looking for a serious relationship. Obsession and jealousy begin to take over and lies compound.

Our private investigation agency prides itself on getting the truth and resolving tricky situations, even when it’s happening during work hours hidden from the partner at home.

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