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How a Private Investigator Can Aid In Child Custody

child-custody-scribbleIt can be assumed that a couple’s dynamic is altered once they become parents. Lifestyle choices choices can dramatically shift when one becomes the caretaker, teacher, role model etc of another individual. Thus, while divorce hits a couple hard, it remains of the the utmost importance that the well being of one’s children remain a top priority. While a divorce may create a fundamental separation from one’s former spouse, the link created through parenthood persists. Ideally┬ádespite one’s personal differences a couple can communicate and work together amicably to develop a sustainable nurturing enviornment for their children.

However, what if one believes that the contrary exists. That your ex doesn’t or can’t provide a positive, safe and stable environment? Are you concerned at what could happen while your child spends time with your former spouse because of the former’s erratic or illegal behavior? If this is the case you almost certainly can not until your children are back under your supervision. So what can you do to improve the situation with the aim of keeping the children out of harm’s way.

A private investigator could be hired to monitor the activity of your ex while with your children. This can insure potential hazards on a number of fronts. Among the items to consider in this situation are the abuse or partaking of any substances (alcohol or drugs) that endanger children or corresponding poor judgements such as driving after consumption. Furthermore, any signs of dealings with unsavory individuals, leaving children unattended to go out and party or signs of physical or verbal abuse.

An investigator using video surveillance will over time be able to establish a pattern. That documentation could justify your concerns and provide an example for altering a custody agreement. Or in the least disprove one’s suspicions, but give relief in knowing that your children are safe while away.

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