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Prove That Your Ex is Using Drugs for Child Custody

Divorce can be a very trying and stressful experience, due in large part to the number of unexpected changes that take place in one’s life as a result. If you have children with your former spouse, the process can be further complicated. In an ideal scenario, joint custody occurs between responsible parents whose main objective is the well-being of the child/children.

However, what happens if this mutually beneficial agreement/situation does not naturally occur? If a custody agreement cannot be reached between divorcing parents, it becomes necessary for the courts to enter the child custody equation. For obvious reasons, the court’s primary goal in determining custody is the best interest of the child/children. Among the criteria that a judge will consider are the stability of the living environment either parent provides, and the parent-child relationship.

If you have reason to believe that your child is placed in an unsafe situation with your ex, telling the judge won’t be enough, but hard evidence can carry a lot of weight. Hiring a private detective agency to document your ex’s bad behavior may be the only course of action.

If your ex exhibits irresponsible behavior such as drinking and driving, leaving your child unattended while out on the town, associating with shady individuals known to use drugs or with criminal records, video surveillance as well as witness testimony/interviews can be an asset in a custody case, validating your accusations.

When your child/children’s welfare is being compromised by your ex’s irresponsible choices, it is your responsibility to take charge. The only way to do so is by hiring a private investigator to provide video proof to the judge that your child belongs with you.

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