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Proving Cohabitation for Alimony Cases

Alimony PosterDo you believe that your ex-spouse is taking advantage of the law by receiving alimony while maintaining a new live-in (cohabiting) boyfriend or girlfriend? When this occurs, you can become frustrated and dissatisfied with the situation, especially its financial implications.

Below we will discuss the necessary steps that could help remedy the situation and which factors indicate the existence of cohabitation.

Hiring a Private Investigator

Your ex-spouse’s failure to notify the courts of a change in circumstances such as Cohabitation is a violation which could result in Alimony reduction or revocation.  A private investigator that can use key tools and tactics will help you prove cohabitation in the courtroom. Among these is documenting and forming a pattern of routine behavior of your ex and his/her new companion. The investigator can take pictures, or the ever valuable video surveillance, which provides a living image of the actions and relationship of the people in question.

Furthermore an investigator can gather information by interviewing family, friends, and neighbors of the alleged couple to provide context in how their relationship is viewed socially.

Cases like this are not performed quickly, as you need to show an arrangement that exists over a long period of time in order to fully convince a judge to suspend or lessen your alimony payments.

Common Cohabitation Signals

A key component to proving cohabitation are actions and perceptions which simulate those associated with a married couple. Among these, the following examples are widely acknowledged as characteristics:

  • Living Together – The couple in fact occupies one residency, shares household duties, vehicles or other noteworthy belongings.
  • Shared Expenses – Rent, utilities and groceries are split in some way or you may notice they always buy home improvement items together. Also the couple could be sharing a bank account or working on a business together.
  • Shared Social Circle – The pair is recognized by family, friends, neighbors or co-workers as exhibiting the behaviors associated with a romantic couple such as attending events together or public displays of affection.

Building a case that demonstrates cohabitation will undoubtedly take time. Gathering sound evidence to document the truth may be difficult, since an individual collecting alimony will do their best to conceal this game-changing information.

However, a seasoned private investigator will utilize and execute tactics to reveal the truth, rewarding you both emotionally and financially.  Unlike Infidelity Investigations, Alimony Investigations are very complex and specialized therefore not every private investigator can conduct and execute this type of investigation with a high degree of success.

There are very few investigators that are seasoned and skilled enough to accomplish the task of bringing you the highest degree of success in the courtroom.  You will only have one chance to present your case to the court so do your research and hire the best agency.  If you fail to convince the judge that cohabitation exits you will not be able to redo the investigation because your ex-spouse will be to the wiser.

In closing, you will get what you pay for in regards to Investigative Services therefore this is definitely not one of those services where you shop for the lowest rates.

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