A Ring Security Camera Reveals a Marriage Gone Wrong with Infidelity

When setting up security cameras to monitor the area surrounding your home, one thinks they might document the neighborhood kids getting kicks playing ding-dong ditch or monitor the security of packages delivered when you’re absent. Maybe even an adolescent was sneaking in or out after curfew.

On the list of potential discoveries, a cheating spouse is low.

However, after leaving her “ailing” husband at home for a vacation with their daughter, a woman decided to check-in. The footage she found was troubling and went viral when posted to Tik Tok (see below).

Woman Says Doorbell Camera Helped Her Catch Cheating Husband in Video Viewed 5M Times

When dissected further, a couple kissing outside the front door was her, not so sick, husband and his coworker. When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

But if there’s a camera with remote access, the cat – or in this case, the wife – will know and probably enter divorce proceedings.

Are you concerned or suspicious that when your spouse is left to their own devices, whether at home or on the road, they might be venturing into adulterous activities?

You can’t count on a doorbell camera catching it.

The better answer is hiring a licensed surveillance professional that will get you the truth discreetly, like Magnum Investigations.

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A photo of a cheating spouse captured by Magnum Investigations private investigator serving NJ and PA.

Cheating Spouse

Surveillance specialists trained to remain undetected.

If you hire a private investigator to catch your cheating spouse, you can’t afford for the investigator to get caught. Most other companies are one-man operations and generally get caught.

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Child Custody

A 92% success rate with child custody investigations.

The combination of Law Enforcement background, understanding of case law, Specialized Surveillance Skills, compassion and understanding of the emotions that the client is dealing with is a recipe for success that no other company has.

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Why pay your ex alimony if she/he is living with a new partner?

Those who invest in a Private Investigator for Alimony usually end up saving tens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars with an Alimony Reduction or a Revocation as a result of our co-habitation investigations.

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5 Tips When Hiring a Private Investigator

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