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Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching Services

infidelity-scribbleIt’s not uncommon for someone to call us who is not necessarily in need of Investigative Services as much as they are in need of advice. Sometimes individuals sense early on that something is just not right in their relationship. If you are lucky enough to realize that there is a strain or void in the relationship, prior to your partner engaging in an affair, then you much more likely to salvage your relationship but need the assistance of a professional otherwise you could self-sabotage everything. Our Relationship Coaching will discuss your situation in great detail after first listening to your concerns and issues. We will provide you invaluable advice based upon years of experience in seeing firsthand what has worked and what doesn’t work for others who have been in your situation. It is difficult to make the right decisions when you are “living it” and are directly involved; you might be a good advice giver however it’s tough to follow your own advice when you are the one dealing with the problems. Our experts will take you step by step thus making this stressful time in your life more manageable resulting in the ability to control your emotions, focus on what you need to be doing, and bettering your chances of healing your relationship.

In other situations, it might be the onset of your partner cheating meaning that your partner might be pursuing another person but has not yet connected on a physical level. Accusations do you no good and only put your partner on guard and make them a smarter deceiver. It’s important in this phase to contact us for Relationship Coaching so we can provide you with the knowledge and understanding into the mindset of someone who is about to facilitate an affair. In other words, our Specialists can teach you how to behave, what to say and what not to say, the ability to look for clues and warning signs, how to gather intelligence without your partner realize that you are catching on. Unveiling the truth will be critical to preventing your partner from transitioning into a full blown affair because without the true facts he/she will convince you that you are crazy and will deny things while becoming more careful to conceal what is truly happening.

Finally, in other situations maybe you might not have the financial wherewithal to retain the expert services of an Investigation Agency as it pertains to Video Surveillance however you still need advice in how to better your chances at compiling concrete evidence of your partner’s affair. When it comes to catching a cheating partner there is no better way than hiring a specialist agency to conduct video surveillance on your pattern; video surveillance is where a team of investigators monitor your partner’s activities and video documents where he/she goes, who he/she is with, and what they are doing all the while without your partner ever realizing he/she was being watched. Video Surveillance Investigations are quite costly and although the service is priceless you simply might not have access to the funds to pursue this option therefore you might opt to utilize our Relationship Coaching. Our Specialist will provide you with many innovative and effective ways and ideas of how to better your odds at catching your partner on your own; now keep in mind that you can’t conduct your own surveillance because you are not licensed to do so and could potentially face criminal and/or civil repercussions if you attempt to do so. However, there are still other ways that our experts can teach you to maximize your chances at unveiling the truth. Your Coach will listen intently to your situation and listen for key factors that might be impairing your ability to see what is really happening. Then your Coach will formulate a strategy that will help you in controlling your emotions and actions thus resulting in your partner becoming complacent and obtaining a false sense of security which often will prove to be the catalyst of his/her own demise. Feeling as if your partner could be cheating is probably one of the most stressful experiences you will face in your relationship. You will feel a range of emotions from sadness, confusion, anger, and despair; your health will begin to deteriorate and you will have difficulty sleeping, inability to focus of your job and responsibilities, lose your appetite, and feel a strong sense of anxiety and stress. Just having your Coach on your side will help you make the right decisions while providing you a sense of Peace. Once you are able to ascertain strong circumstantial evidence you might then opt for a Video Surveillance Investigation; seeing is believing and Video is worth a million words; to learn more about the Video Surveillance Services, click here: https://www.magnuminvestigations.net/services/cheating-and-infidelity-investigations/

Your Coach can assist you in knowing what experts to hire and recommend attorneys because having the right people in your corner will ensure you position yourself with the best outcome after the relationship has ended.

Relationship Coaching Process

  • During the telephone consultation with your Coach, you will provide detailed explanation of the issues at hand and how it is impacting your life and relationship
  • Your Coach will listen intently for things that you might be doing to self-sabotage your relationship and diminishing your chances of unveiling the truth.
  • Your Coach will assist you in determining the what your goals will be and how to obtain them.
  • Your Coach will make suggestions and provide advice to better the odds of you obtaining the pre-determined goals.
  • Supplementary Phone Coaching will assist you through the difficult journey. Sometimes friends and family will tell you what they think you need to hear, which is not generally the best advice. Supplementary Phone Coaching will provide you with neutral, solid, and beneficial advice thus helping you manage the stressors of the situation and guiding you to a successful outcome.

1-Hour Skype or Phone Relationship Coaching Session

Our Relationship Coach will provide you with a one full hour Skype or Phone Session and will provide you with paramount and invaluable advice that will dramatically improve and help your situation. Once we receive the one easy payment of $1,200 you will receive an email within 48-hours to coordinate a day and time for your Coaching Session.

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