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Shady Business: Trips

biz-trip-surveillance-planeWork can provide the perfect excuse for spending time away from the confines of a household especially for a cheater. While the expectations for knowing a spouses’ comings and goings will undoubtedly vary depending on the makeup of a couple;.  Work is a subject that can leave little up for debate; complying to the set of responsibilities that a boss/superior assigns is often non debatable.

Since finances play such an integral role in our daily lives and are often the subject which creates friction within a relationship, maintaining employment is a crucial practice especially for couples. Therefore, spending extra time in the office, or going on business trips is a necessary reality which provides a convenient range of excuses.  Cheaters can easily disguise an affair behind legitimate business; in other words, there really might be a business trip, seminar, convention but what you don’t realize is the paramour could meet him/her there and after the business fuctions are over for the day then they can spend uninterrupted time alone on their little getaway.

Lets assume that the intial trip is legitimate. Is your spouse trustworthy or vague in the details and itinerary in which he/she provides. Are they in meetings with clients or is the venture more of a glorified vacation, one in which your husband or wife can conveniently fall off the technological grid and avoid texts/phone calls/ emails/etc. What’s actually going on? Are they dining and drinking with that flirtatious co-worker that you’ve been suspicious of in the past? Could he/she have a “friend” they’re visiting?

Now these suspicions could be unfounded, or they could be one’s mind exploring the blindspot in your heart. Furthermore, once you’ve become accustomed to the regularity of out of town trips your guard may come down. In reaction, a spouse can slip in illegitimate trips without you ever becoming suspicious. These could facilitate long-term carefree affairs or one-night stands all while he/she is supposedly burning the midnight oil. Instead, he/she is turning up the heat in someone else’s bed.  A cheater will always mix in some truth with the lies.

If you have reasonable suspicion, a private investigator can assist you in discovering and video documenting the truth of what’s really happening. Your spouse may relax and have a false sense of security never thinking you would be capable of catching him/her; only after our investigators catch him will he/she realize the he/she underestimated you.



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