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Suspicious Spousal Behavior

Telephone and Cell Phone Records for Infidelity InvestigationsSomething seems different about your spouse, body language, eye contact, etc. While you can’t pinpoint the ┬áchanges, the overall feeling has changed. Now, you’re worried what these subtle cues could mean. Is he /she cheating on you?

Before making a rash accusation, one which if false could trigger the opening of a can of worms you would rather keep closed, take a moment to consider the facts. Has your spouse’s habits changed? Has he/ she been working odd or extensive hours? Does this work schedule contribute to a lack of communication? Do you avoid asking questions which could resolve these concerns because you think they could spur an argument? Or if you ask for more information are your inquiries quickly deflected by a change of subject.

The more that time passes the greater the void which will be created by fear of the unknown. Maybe your spouse is simply distracted and exhausted from being overworked. Conversely maybe work is just an excuse designed to provide blanket coverage. By blanket coverage I mean an unquestionable situation. Your family needs the income collected from the job/career so whatever sacrifices/adjustments are required should be viewed as valid. In fact, your/ husband/wife should be applauded for their work ethic and commitment, not resented by your suspicious sentiments.

But, he/she seems absent, focused on a place that isn’t you or your home and your worried. There are phone calls that are left unanswered and others received without any explanation. Furthermore, your lives seem to be growing apart rather than together. Could someone else be causing this disconnect or are you allowing your imagination to concoct a fairytale of a nightmarish variety. Either way you need to resolve your concerns by finding out the truth.

Rather than investigating on your own and potentially (most likely) getting caught snooping the process, it may be time to consult a professional.

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