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Take Down Your Information From Social Media

google-searchSometimes it feels like social media has created a mystifying alternate dimension. Individuals often let their guard down under the false protection of a computer of cell phone screen, but that false sense of security may lead to a person unraveling on any number of fronts. The simple reality is that revealing too much , similar to not protecting oneself from the dangers of the sun’s rays, can leave you exposed and vulnerable to long-term damage. Those whom act boldly in the short-term may garner attention, but in the end, they’re chances of getting burn’t skyrocket.

We’ve been warned that potential employers comb the internet in search of potential prospects red flags. Those pictures that you wish were never taken not only exist, but they reach beyond ones close circle. That time you were over-served, now isn’t simply a silly memory recalled as a moment of embarrassment for those who were there. It’s a video that spread like wildfire. Those foolish ill-informed comments you made, well everyone with access to your feed/timeline saw it and although you realize your mistake, much like the newspaper was in its heyday if someone sees it (and we’re not talking about one we’re regarding many) if its on the screen it’s in the real world for better and often for worse.

So before you login, post, send or share think of this, Who needs to know? Or better yet, whom do I want to know/see this? Very rarely do both those questions receive a quick and unwavering affirmative  If they do, as always feel free to reveal what you see fit. However, remember that once its out there to a certain extent you can never truly be able to reel it back in. Have I mentioned that person you’re hoping to date…their almost guaranteed to check one’s digital footprint first. The cat’s out of the bag, your skin’s burnt and all for a fleeting moment of glory.

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