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The Difference Between a Solo Detective and PI Agency

Private Investigator Video Surveillance In Car

How can you tell if what you suspect is true or false? The clearest way is see it with your own eyes. When it comes to private investigation, surveillance is a game-changer.

However, that’s where one reaches their first hurdle. How could you  catch someone who’s attempting to deceive or hide something from you in the act? If they see you snooping around, that may trigger a red flag, leading them to be more cautious or discontinue their unsavory behavior.

So, you need to send a stranger to monitor the situation. Someone whom the transgressor won’t recognize  or be weary of. It probably wouldn’t hurt if that individual is recognized legally as a licensed professional, knows the ins and outs the dos and don’ts of specific circumstances. That ability to not only know where to look, but also what  to look for and the best and legal processes to document their findings could pay serious dividends.

But there’s still one major problem, these things take time; to establish patterns of activity and no one advertises their bad behavior.

As time goes by, an individual may begin to notice that the same car or person is around quite frequently, tipping them off and minimizing the opportunity to gather evidence and draw a conclusion.

The way to crack the code is with a team of professionals.

This limits the amount of exposure for individual investigators while casting a more complex comprehensive net.

You could base whom you hire on the quantity leaving your pocket, but we know that the quality of our work and experience is worth every penny.

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5 Tips When Hiring a Private Investigator

As the owner of a 15+ year old investigation agency, these are my 5 best tips for someone considering video surveillance.

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